Engaging your ECS students from Day 1

I decided to do something a bit different this year after seeing how important group work was with ECS.  Instead of just having the students come in each class period and sitting down, I introduced sorting and communication through having them sit according to my board (see attached images).  From the very first day they were learning the difference between rows and columns, organization, leadership, teamwork, and SORTING!  Now the students come in and don't even sit down until they see what the day's "sort" is.


CS10K Research Team Successfully Launches Innovative Computer Science Curriculum Boosting Female Student Participation

"Exploring Computer Science" boosts female student participation in L.A. school district to double the national average


Tell Your Students: You Can Find True Love With Algorithms and Big Data

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d pass along this Wired article that may have passed your notice in January. Mathematician, Chris McKinlay, hacked OKCupid, an online dating site, to find the girl of his dreams while working on his doctoral dissertation on large-scale data processing.


Help Build the ECS and CSP Momentum: Attend the 2014 SIGCSE Technical Symposium in Atlanta

As I ponder the 20 years of previous SIGCSE’s I have attended, ACM’s annual Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education technical symposium, I’m struck by the promise of number 21.  A recent look at the program showed a wide array of sessions directly related to Computer Science Principles (CSP) and Exploring Computer Science (ECS) and other sessions indirectly related because of their relevance to secondary school computer science teachers.  There


Mobile CSP Course Materials

In the summer of 2013, the Mobile CSP team, along with help from two of our Mobile CSP Massachusetts teachers, developed curriculum materials for the Mobile CSP course. The materials are split into two categories: App Inventor and CSP. The App Inventor lessons are based on App Inventor 2, which is scheduled for release in December 2013 and all are viewable online via Google docs.


Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A to Count for Mathmatics Requirement in Alabama

Alabama will soon be joining 15 other states in recognizing the importance of computer science for high school students by allowing these courses to count towards completion of the mathematics credits required for Alabama high school graduation.


Let's Focus on Learning How to Teach With the New Technology, Not Just How to Teach the New Technology

Welcome to my first blog post - ever. The last time I regularly expressed my opinion in writing was for a fanzine about a new kind of music called “Indie Rock”. So please be gentle.
I was thinking about the CS10K project meeting last week at Stanford and wishing that we had discussed our individual visions of our role as a facilitator as well as our vision of the site’s goals. I am willing to bet each of us has a slightly different idea about our purpose. My vision is a site/community focused on how to best teach computer science to ALL students.

Using Information Visualization to Promote Computing Education

Information visualization (InfoVis) refers to the use of computer-supported, interactive, visual representations of quantitative and qualitative data to simplify and support problem solving and decision making. Drawing on research in behavioral economics, the decision sciences, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, social psychology, graphic design, computer science, semiotics, visual literacy, interface design, art, cartography, and statistics, high-quality InfoVis facilitate the effective communication of otherwise abstract, complex, or overwhelming information.

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