Developing and Supporting Computer Science Teachers via Strategic Partnering

Partner4CS’s primary objectives are to support the CS10K efforts by preparing both G6-12 teachers and students to become creators in computing, and by developing a strong community of university faculty and undergraduates and G6-12 school teachers in the state of Delaware, which will increase learning and sharing for the sake of G6-12 students. Partner4CS will develop:

  1. a 3-track summer professional development institute bringing together G6-12 teachers and G9-12 students for skills development, teaching pedagogy, and community building;
  2. an online learning environment that provides teachers with instant access to pedagogical and curricular support and means to communicate regularly with other teachers and university faculty;
  3. a new college service learning 1-credit course weekly alternating undergraduate service to teachers in the classroom with college classroom sessions for planning and reflection; and
  4. quarterly Saturday morning teacher work- shops for G6-12 teachers and students to continue the summer professional development throughout the academic year.

The central theme is that high school and middle school teachers can be significantly supported in their computer science (CS) teaching, with the help of carefully mentored computer science, math education, and education undergraduates, who in turn gain from interdisciplinary collaboration, teaching and lesson planning, and an opportunity to experience first-hand the potential impact of their computing expertise in helping others. The service experience may in turn improve underrepresented participation in computing at the college and high school levels.

Project Website:

Principal Investigator: Lori Pollock, University of Delaware

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