IDoCode: A Sustainable Model for Computer Science in Idaho High Schools

Boise State University, in cooperation with local high schools and the Idaho Technology Council, proposes to develop and implement a comprehensive program -- IDoCode -- that will provide high quality CS preparation for high school teachers. Its primary goal is to significantly increase the number of teachers prepared to teach CS in the state of Idaho (by focusing on the Boise metro area), and its secondary goal is to increase the number of Idaho high school graduates that are motivated to pursue a CS degree and career. The project leverages two existing degree programs at Boise State: the IDoTeach program (a UTeach replication program) for preservice teachers, and the Master of Science in STEM Education for in-service teachers. IDoTeach will prepare teachers to teach the new AP CS Principles curriculum, creating CS pathways in both programs. The resulting CS prepared teachers will be further supported through face-to-face workshops, mentoring programs, support from industry, professionals, and online resources.
Project Website:
Principal Investigator: Amit Jain
Co-PIs: Tim Andersen, Jonathan Brendefur, Alark Joshi, Jyh-haw Yeh
Project Coordinator: Ernie Covelli
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