NM-CSforAll CS108 Week 14/15: Final Project



Week 14/15: Final Project


Learning Objective: This week the students form teams and work on modeling projects.  The students will pick a problem to model, abstract the problems, develop the model and run experiments on the model they developed.

Pacing Guide

Do Now Questions

  • Do Now Slides (.ppt)
  • Do Now Questions - with answers ***
  • Do Now Questions Handout - no answers (.doc)

Programming Challenge

  • Programming Assignment - The Final Project
  • NetLogo Cheat Sheet - no cheat sheet this week
  • Code Sample - no code sample this week
  • Grading Rubric - individual grading rubrics

CS Concepts - No new CS Concepts this week

Videos - No new videos

Reading Materials

  • Blown to Bits: Chapter 3 (Reading Assignment pp. 90 - 108)

Hands on activities

  • Please do any Hands-On Activities from previous weeks

Quiz - No Quiz this week!

*** All answers to quizzes, tests, Do Nows and sample programs are available upon request to teachers or other interested memebers of the CS education community but not to students taking the class.  Please contact to request this information.