inBloom and Data Privacy

An exceprt from a local parent group in Chicago is pasted below. This issue has generated great discussion in my classes on data, privacy, ethics and more. 

inBloom Forum:

New York Parent activist Leonie Haimson shared a lot of great information about inBloom last night. This is the Gates funded/ Rupert Murdoch built data system that is coming to Illinois in January and will collect 400 data points about our kids including disability info, discipline records, economic status, grades, etc. Every state that originally signed up to participate in this program except IL and NY has backed out.  All Race to the Top districts must participate in something called the Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE) but the inBloom portion of this is not mandatory and CPS can opt out of it if they choose.  One of the purposes of inBloom is to use the data to create tech products to sell back to school districts.  inBloom does not guarantee the security of the data. Please sign this petition to tell CPS to opt out of inBloom

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