About the CS10K Community

Computer science should be part of everyone's education, and everyone should have a path to a career in computing. Teachers of Exploring Computer Science (ECS) and Computer Science Principles (CSP) are putting this belief into action. The CS10K Community is where they come to connect with each other and with the resources and expertise they need to excel. With the support of a team of expert facilitators and supporting professionals, teachers get answers to their burning questions, share their experiences, and work together with others to develop materials and strategies they need to embrace powerful pedagogies, get students engaged with exciting technologies, and make the case to potential students and to school leaders that computer science education is integral to preparing future leaders. 

If you are a teacher of ECS or CSP or would like to become one, we invite you to dive in. Anyone is welcome to join the community, but certain sections of the site are restricted to participants in particular programs, such as the CS10K professional development Projects funded by the National Science Foundation. Most resources, discussions, and events are linked to elements of the curriculum of ECS or CSP. Members can also participate in Groups focused on more general topics, such as project based learning or addressing the challenge of recruiting students. If you don't find a group that matches your interests, you may start your own. Your can also find other teachers in the People section with whom you might collaborate with, mentor, or be mentored by. 

The Community is a component of the CS10K project, seeks to have 10,000 well-trained computer science teachers in 10,000 high school across the United States. ECS and CSP also are both designed to broaden participation in computer science by appealing to a broader group of students, particularly women and minorities. The community is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is being developed by the American Institutes for Research through the U.S. Department of Education's Connected Educators initiative. 

To learn how you can create an account, click here. For more information on the CS10K Community, please contact our general CS10K inbox at . 

Welcome to the CS10K Community