Help Wanted: Feedback on the CS10K Website Redesign Plan


The CS10K Community website, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), aims to support the professional development of current and new K-12 computer science educators across the country by providing direct access to:

  • Exploring Computer Science (ECS) and Computer Science Principles (CSP) curricular resources
  • CS10K community- and member-produced resources, discussions, virtual events and a blog on topics that address the personal learning needs and instructional concerns of computer science teachers
  • A platform on which teachers can collaborate to reflect on their classroom practice as well as generate new instructional resources and pedagogical strategies

Since the launch of the website in 2013, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) Social Learning Team, responsible for building and moderating the online community of practice, has collected feedback on the website’s design from NSF staff, CS10K project leaders, teacher focus group participants, and usability testers.

Furthermore, AIR has collected feedback from a CS10K Advisory Board and an Information Architecture Task Force, both formed and first convened in 2015. The Advisory Board is comprised of individuals with expertise in computing education and affiliations with such organizations as TERC and the National Science Teachers Association. The Advisory Board is charged with helping AIR develop and regularly update a collective learning and development agenda for the CS10K Community. The Information Architecture Task Force is a group of CS10K community website power users, both teachers and CS10K project leaders, responsible for helping AIR better understand the online practices and needs of site visitors.

As a result of these conversations, AIR has endeavored to redesign the CS10K community website to address key concerns raised about the existing website such as poor search functionality, unclear privacy settings, insufficient integration with third-party collaboration tools such as Piazza’s class discussion platform, and unsatisfactory email notifications.

This blog post announces the release of the CS10K website redesign plan written to provide an overview of our plan to address these concerns. We invite you to review this plan and share your feedback by Friday, March 13, 2015. Your thoughts, suggestions and questions may either be posted publicly as a comment on this blog post or privately by sending a message to with “Redesign Plan” in the subject line.

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