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Taking advantage of Georgia Tech’s world-class computer expertise and instructional capabilities and the educational leadership of the Georgia Department of Education (DOE), the State is partnering with the Georgia Tech College of Computing in an aggressive approach to strengthen the technology skills of current and future Advanced Placement (AP) computer science teachers, across the state. In June 2004, State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox and Rich DeMillo, Dean of the Georgia Tech College of Computing, formally announced and outlined details of the new partnership.

Specifically, Georgia Tech computing faculty and graduate students, and personnel from the Georgia Department of Education will maintain an on-going dialogue. Georgia Tech will provide year round professional development to high school computer science teachers. Teachers have the option of having class visits, online support and regional workshops to support their work. Thus far, this initiative is funded through the Georgia Vocational Staff Development Consortium (GVSDC), with additional costs being covered by the College of Computing at Georgia Tech.

Principal Investigator: Mark Guzdial

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