Outreach Lesson

This is a set of instructions for undergraduate students in a Computer Science Principles course to take their knowledge and turn it into a short outreach lesson.  It includes a short example outreach lesson and a form that can be used for the student to produce their own outreach lesson.

The undergraduate students are to find someone with little or no background in computer science, teach them their prepared lesson in a one-on-one setting, record reflections from the participant, and provide their own self-reflection.

The assignment was given to a class of 43 undergraduates approximately 10 weeks into the fall 2012 semester.  I gave this as a required assignment as part of the unit on Impact in our department CS:P course at the University of Delaware (abbreviated UD in the assignment).  Student responses were overwhelmingly positive and it was very interesting to see the positive comments from the participants (particularly parents), although I cannot share those here.

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