NM-CSforAll CS108 Week 13: Ecosystem Modeling



Week 13: Ecosystem Modeling

Learning Objective:  Students further explore agent-agent interactions by creating a more advanced ecosystem model.  The effect of a predator on the fish ecosystem previously modeled will be explored.


Pacing Guide

Do Now Questions

  • Do Now Slides (.ppt)
  • Do Now Questions NO answers (.doc)
  • Do Now Questions with Explanations ***

Programming Challenge

  • Programming Assignment - Eating Nemo (.doc)
  • NetLogo Cheat Sheet - NO NEW SHEET
  • Sample Code ***
  • Other Sample Programs ***
  • Grading Rubric

CS Concepts - No new CS Concepts this week


  • Complexity in Computer Science (.mp4) (transcript)
  • Data Compression (.mp4)  (transcript)

Reading Materials

  • Blown to Bits: Chapter 3 (Reading Assignment pp. 80 - 90)

Hands on activities

  • Fish Bank Online Activity
    • Fish Bank Activity Description
    • Fish Bank Activity Link
  • Please use any previous Hands On Activities that you have not done

Quiz - With Answers (.doc) ***

Quiz - No Answers (.doc) ***

*** All answers to quizzes, tests, Do Nows and sample programs are available upon request to teachers or other interested memebers of the CS education community but not to students taking the class.  Please contact to request this information.